Mèdol Ancestral Cava Cartoixà – Without Sulfites

Cava Without Sulfites

Medol Cartoixà Cava Ancestral


Old Vines of Cartoixà, name as the variety is called in the area, cultivated in organic farming located in La Nou de Gaia, a small town located in the Tarragona province about 4 km straight to the Mediterranean Sea. The soils are generally sandy loam of low fertility. The grapes ripen perfectly thanks to the warm weather and the marinade; the marinade is the sea breeze early in the morning blowing in our vineyards, avoiding excess heat in grapes and causing a sanitizing effect on the vineyard.

Once harvested the grapes are destemmed and stainless steel tanks are filled. Grapes are harvested with suitable maturity to obtain a final wine of around 12-12.5%​​vol. The next day the clear must is separated from the cloudy must. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks. The fermentation time is about 15-16 days at a temperature of 14 to 15ºC. Before the end of the fermentation we proceed to bottle the wine with the champagne type bottles and covered with cork.

Fermentation is finished in bottles of sparkling wine type, where the foam is made. This method is called “ancestral method”. The main virtue of ancestral method, is that at no time sugar beet or cane is set as is done in other sparkling wines. Sugar for making foam is the must itself.

The bottles remain in aged for a minimum of 15 months for the carbon dioxide to be well integrated into the wine. After this time, we proceed to rinse the bottles on desks, later beheaded (that is to separate the lees in the neck) and put a new and definitive cork. No sulfites are added at any time.


Yellow with golden highlights. Carbon dioxide is perfectly integrated, drawing a string of fine and constant bubble. Aroma varietal blend of fresh notes (yellow peach, fennel …), white flowers, dry fruits, quince, chamomile, honey … Step wide, structured and fresh with nerve mouth because of its citrus touches. A highlight at the end of mouth the presence of fruit and long finish.


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