Mèdol Selecció Cartoixà – without sulfites

Medol Seleccio Cartoixa without Sulfites

Medol Seleccio Cartoixa


Vines cultivated in organic farming located in La Nou de Gaia, a small town located in the Tarragona province about 4 km straight to the Mediterranean Sea. The soils are generally sandy loam of low fertility. The grapes ripen perfectly thanks to the warm weather and the marinade; the marinade is the sea breeze early in the morning blowing in our vineyards, avoiding excess heat in grapes and causing a sanitizing effect on the vineyard.

Once harvested the grapes are destemmed and stainless steel tanks are filled. The duration of maceration is 5 days at a temperature of 14 to 15ºC. After the maceration, the grapes are pressed in two phases. In the first phase, the wine obtained with lower pressures is decanted into stainless steel tanks. In the second phase, the grapes are subjected to higher pressures, obtaining the so-called “pressed wine” which it’s straight rejected from the Mèdol Selecció wine. The wine that remains in stainless steel tanks is periodically decanted.

The wine is bottled without filtration and with a small percentage of lees to guarantee and improve its evolution. In the case of believing it convenient, it may be advisable to decant the wine to eliminate the lees. It is a wine that is free of added sulfites, only grapes, more natural, impossible!


Yellow with golden highlights. Aroma varietal blend of fruity fresh notes: white peaches, apples, apricot… We can also find sweet notes of cinnamon, caramel, honey… Step wide mouth, structured and fresh with nerve because of its citrus touches. To highlight the mouth end of the presence of nuts and long aftertaste

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