Mèdol Selecció Grenache – Without Sulfites

Medol Selecció Grenache

Medol Selecció Grenache

Vines grown in organic farming, located in Nou de Gaia, a town of Tarragona 4km straight to the Mediterranean Sea. Soils are generally sandy franc-low fertility.

The grapes rippen perfectly thanks to the warm weather and the marinade; the marinade is the sea breeze early in the morning blowing in our vineyards, avoiding excess heat in grapes and causing a sanitizing effect on the vineyard.

Once harvested the grapes are hand-filled with skids and remain in stainless steel tanks, seeding yeast to start fermentation. The duration of maceration is 13 days at a temperature of 22 to 24°C. Once maceration is over, the must is pressed, separating the wine of low pressure from the high pressures, called “wine press” which is dismissed for Mèdol Selecció.

Then we carry out the blend of different varieties and French oak barrels and Chesnutt barrels are filled. The duration of aging in barrels is 4 months. Once removed from the barrels the wine is bottled. The proportion of varieties is 100% of Grenache.

This wine is free of added sulfites, it only has grapes, more natural, impossible!


Cherry colour, very intense. Evokes the smell of berries (cherries, blackberries, blueberries…). It highlight for its intensity and long aftertaste. Its lack of added sulfites and remains of sugars makes it a very suitable wine for people who are sensitive to sulphurous (antiseptic and conservative) or sensitive to the consumption of alcoholic drinks. Recommended consumption temperature: 14-16ºC.


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